Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is well, um, springing!

Thats right. Oregon has been blessed with a few rare days of sunshine and its almost t-shirt weather(read: 60 degrees). Here in the stormy Pacific Northwest, it is extremely important to grab a sunny day while you can, because it might be months before you see a speck of blue sky again. On my lunch break today I seized the opportunity to run to the park and do some knitting. And of course, pose it in the grass, and with Jack.

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Jack thinks I'm crazy. He has no idea why I made him sit on the bench. He's irritated that I am making him look into the sun, and has no concept of the photographical technique called 'backlighting'. You will note that he is leashed to the bench. This is because the park by my office is not an off-leash park, despite the fact that children are allowed to run around screaming and pissing and snotting and pushing and pulling. If dogs should be kept on leash, then so should kids. I don't want your kids running up to me anymore than you want my dog running up to you. The key difference between Jack and your little poop-machine is that mine actually listens to every word I say and obeys all my commands on a dime. Anybody else see a double standard?

Enough with the rant, here's one finished sock and the cuff of #2. When I gave Karen the first sock to try on I thought I was going to have to pry it out of her hands. It was only through carefully chosen words that I was able to persuade her to surrender it, with promises to return it with a mate in the near future. No second sock syndrom for me.

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The Guru

The Guru has come down from her high mountain perch, where she has been sitting in the lotus position for the last 10 years, simultaneously shearing the sheep, spinning the wool and knitting it into beautiful knitted garments. She was last seen wandering around North Portland, scouting out a project to take with her on her next devotational trek. Knowing the Guru's yearning for yarn, VW's and yellow, I felt a stop at The Naked Sheep was in order. The Guru is seen here in a rare photo of her posing with said dream vehicle. When asked for a quote, she said "Its a good thing I'm so devoted to Hilda." Hilda, as you will remember, is her beloved Volvo.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

u r friend from canada......

Missed Connection

You: left comment in my blog saying 'i r friend from canada' and later on a post saying 'now I just feel neglected'.

I checked with my canadian friend and he swears up and down he didn't post it and went on to state that the only way he might have left that comment without his knowledge is if he was on crack, which he also swears up and down is not true.

So, Mystery Person, I am going crazy (well, crazier). Who are you?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Look closely....

What you can't see in this picture is the sock. The sock is just one of many dark forms obscured by the contrast of lights. The sock is rocking out to GBH. Oh yes, the sock attended a punk concert with me and let me assure you, it was fucking awesome.

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Not sure yet if knitting at a punk show is extremely punk rock or extremely nerdy....