Friday, May 27, 2005

the social implications of knitting

Knitting, for better worse, always seems to become a social thing for me. I am one of those knitters that carries her project with her wherever she goes. This inevitably leads to some type of social intercourse, whether its a fellow knitter or a complete non-knitter. There are some types of people, and comments, that I don't mind, and still others that drive me up the wall. I'm sure almost every knitter has encountered any number of these:

The Bad:

-Isn't knitting for old ladies?
-Oh my god, I can't believe you actually knit!
-I'm knitting this scarf with this amazing new stuff called Fun Fur! I am so unique and amazing, as are my knitting ideas........ (and on and on and on)
-Will you teach me how to knit? (while riding on the light rail to work at 8 am)
-What exactly is it that you are making? (asked incredulously)
-sometimes, it is what is not said, my personal favorite is the ol' bug eyed stare

The Good:

-Thats really nice looking!
-I like your choice of colors/yarn
-Your knitting has great tension!
-I think I'll take a knitting class. It looks like a great way to (insert verb here)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mobius Scarves

Somebody pleeeaaaase inform me if I am mistaken on this, but I can't figure out why you would need a pattern to knit one. So far as I can tell, all you have to do is knit on the round and twist the row as you are going. I do this on accident all the time......

Sunday, May 15, 2005

the bitchin'ist little stitch

I'm working with a fingering weight yarn for the erte cloche pattern. This is quite a bit finer that anything I usually so its been kinda fun. I've noticed that as I'm knitting on the round, the stitch, rather than looking like tiny V's, looks more like a series of slants running into a bar. Hard to explain...... cool to look at.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

damn you kermit sweater!

Seaming was put on this planet to ruin me....... well, maybe not me, but definitely all of my projects. I tried to seam the kermit sweater the other day. It was looking great, until I put it on and saw all the places I had severley messed it up. Perhaps the most depressing part of all was realizing that when the look is all put together, I'm really not all that crazy about the kermit sweater. Truth be told, I will probably never wear it. Damn.....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Erte Cloche

I have been lusting for awhile after this pattern:

and finally got it for my birthday. I went to Lint and bought some bitchin' black rowan finger weight yarn and got started on it. Its turning out really friggin' beautiful, I just finished the moss stitch on the bottom and the first row of the band before messing it up (see 'drunken knitting').

drunken knitting...... never a good idea. Last night I went out to the bar and took my knitting with me, thinking that while I was sitting there relaxing with friends and sipping a beer I could get some of it done. I thought that I was making amazing progress and was really happy to be going along so well. Well, this morning I woke up with a hang over and about 15 dropped stitches. Yee haa. Today I'm going to have to sit down and do some serious knitting first aid. Damn. I, McKenzie, do hereby swear that I will no longer drunkenly knit.