Friday, August 26, 2005

Keri knits a sock or two

Keri is a speedy f-ing knitter. In the time that I knit 3/4 of an inch of ribbing and about 3 inches of sock, she had 2 socks down to the heel completed. The lucky gal, she gets to knit at work. Keri took my sock class with me, making her project out of some lovely purplish-blue and green (I think) yarn that striped diagonally, which was a surprise to all of us, Keri most of all. It was also Keri's birthday last Tuesday. She brought us chocolate, and we sang her happy birthday, where she blushed suitably, though I think she was pleased. A few birthday words about Keri:

-Keri is amazingly intelligent, although a bit ditzy. She has a double major in something bizarre like journalism and physics. Whatever it is, she blows my mind.

-Keri has a very mathematic mind. She goes crazy for mathematical knitting like moebius scarves and the like. All the stuff that usually makes me dizzy. I like that about her.

-Keri is a newlywed. She got married about 3 weeks ago. Big congrats for that too!

So here is a picture of Keri trying on her new sock (without the toe finished). I even promise not to mention the fact that she ended up with gaps in her gussets. *grin* It doesn't matter anyhow, since the quality of my camera seems to getting worse and worse. Don't bother checking your vision, you now know what everything will look like when you are 97.

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PS.... isn't that wall behind her just delicious?

Silk + Corset = loooooove

I love silk. I love corsets. I love knitting. I love short row shaping. I love historical patterns. Mode Knits apparently loves me. She has the most exquisite silk corset pattern that I just had, I repeat had to possess, not own, possess. With any luck, I will be able to stop myself from drooling on the silk as I knit this wonderful thing.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sock it to me.....

Yep, I made the lamest joke possible in naming this post. And I love it. The point here is, I am taking a sock class at Lint. I was ssooooo stoked to start this thing I almost jumped the gun and started. I managed to wait, and man am I glad I did. The duration of the class was two hours, two hours in which I got about 5 knobbly little rows completed. I was incredibly nervous the entire time..... don't ask me why. My hands were shaking in the fear of really and truly screwing it up big time. Later that evening, nerves back in hand (well, beer in hand actually) I was able to make some progress. I finished 3/4 of an inch of ribbing (which was about all I thought I could handle if I was going to continue with the damn sock) and then started in on the leg. The bad news is, I bought this wonderful cotton/lycra blend that is hand painted in exquisite colors. One might wonder, why this is bad news. As I'm knitting it up, the colors are all blending to form what looks like a very poor tie-dye job. *sigh* Oh well, I'm just so stoked to be a knitting a sock.

In a completely unrelated incident, last night I went on a yarn spree and bought this book, 7 skeins of GGH's Scarlett to make the twin set in aforementioned book, 2 skeins of a self-patterning sock yarn and a new set of Crystal Palace double points. Thus far, I have yet to do anything but rub and smell my new yarn...... but just you wait Henry Higgens.

Hat? What hat?

I don't recall any old hat. Cloche? Hmmmm.... nope, doesn't ring a bell. I can't recall getting very angry at a certain hat, frogging it, getting really pissed while trying to get it back on the needles, throwing it under a huge pile of yarn and shoving it in the back of my stash. None of that seems familiar. Hat? I have no hat!

Friday, August 05, 2005

the yarn basket

My grandma keeps a basket of yarn in her house. It is truly wonderful stuff. It is handspun wool. She keeps it in the guest room where I sleep when I stay over there. From its perch on the hand painted wooden bench, it mocks me. While it is only two skeins, it still cries out to me...."knit me......knit me". It is unattainable. Why, you might ask, does my grandmother keep beautiful, handspun wool in a basket in the spare bedroom where it mocks me hauntingly?

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Because she is evil I tell you. Pure evil.


I met Harlot! As you may well be aware, I am an avid Yarn Harlot reader. I really love the Yarn Harlot. Anyways, about a month ago, my knitting guru bought me her book, which I have loved since the moment I got teary eyed reading the introduction. Anyways, last Wednesday she came to Portland to promote the book. As it turns out, I was not dissapointed. She is just as, if not more, witty in person as in her blog. With my crap-tabulous camera phone, I got a picture of the two us on either side of this bitchin' skull picture. Please, for a moment, overlook the fact that we seem to be entirely made out of little squares and that our faces look like they were blurred to protect our identities. I swear, absolutely swear, that its us.

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PS..... if you go to her website and look at her pictures from Portland, you can see me sitting in the crowd. In the second picture down, look for a lady holding a large red blob (which is actually an exquisite shawl) and then look to the right of that. There I am!