Thursday, May 15, 2008

evil, evil Ravelry

At first I thought myspace would never get me. No way, uh uh, I won't ever have a myspace page...... I caved. I love my myspace page. For so very, very many reasons. I worry if I don't check it for a couple days. While I was slightly less resistant to the idea of a ravelry page, I still held out for awhile. Just another internet thing, another thing I won't update regularly enough to keep anyone interested...... I caved. And dudes, let me tell you, I'm glad. I won't even begin to list the reasons why its so friggin' radical, and if you are one of the ravelry converts you will already know what they are. But sadly, this oft neglected blog just gets more and more, well, neglected. So it may not be a 'proper blog'. I may not post enough to qualify to be on the Fiber Arts Bloggers webring, but damnit, this sucker has been going for many a year and if nothing else its an amazing scrapbook of my progress as a knitter. Though ravelry may be my exciting new mistress that I'm often seen galivanting around with, she will never inspire the comfort and self expression that the old wife that is this blog will. So while I've been brazenly flirting with Ravelry, have I been productive? Yes, yes I have. And when I figure out how to use my damned flickr account pictures will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I'll be out doing the tango with ravelry..... (ravelry id: lolitalu)