Monday, February 27, 2006

Only God is perfect....

Which is a really good thing, because I messed the sock up. I accidentally dropped some stitches off the end of the needle while I was working on the heel flap and couldn't figure out how to pick them back up, so I sorta fudged it. It may not be pretty, but it works. To solve the problem of the suicidal stitches, I taped the edges of my little tiny needles.

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I also worked on the sock today at work, where, to be quite frank, it didn't help me get any work done. It had the opposite effect, actually throwing itself across my keyboard in an attempt to prevent me from typing. I'd like to say the attempt was in vain, but alas, the reasoning of the wool seemed so sound that I couldn't really argue...

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Thank goodness for school...

...otherwise I might not get in any quality knitting time. The sock has been brushing up on its philosophy.

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Later in the day I sat down to read some Nietzche, and made some more progress. The sun was beating down and I was able to kick off my shoes. No shoes, good book, good knitting.... what more could a girl want? (I know, a cup of coffee)

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The sock has decided that it is more or less not a an existentialist, and feels that somehow it is not just a free unit. This is especially poignant coming from a piece of knitting.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The "its been awhile since I last posted" link-o-rama!

Yay! Links! And things you can buy me! So exciting! (Don't work yourself into a frenzy now.)

*Let it be noted, that I am in love (love, I tell you) with the folks over at Fiddlesticks Knitting. I have been admiring their patterns at Woodland Woolworks (who most miraculously carries alot of their patterns) for awhile now but have managed to fully convince myself that next paycheck (hello March 5th!) I will be buying the Creatures of the Reef Shawl Kit, keeping in mind that I have never, ever knit even a swatch of lace. Why am I doing this, you might ask? Because I'm insane, legally and certifiably insane. And maybe because I like to be really frustrated, yell at my knitting and scare the dog.

*I didn't make socks for the Knitting Olympics! Ooops. Actually, I ended up having lots of work to do, plus numerable papers for school that I, erm, left until the last minute (me? procrastinate? let me get back to you on that one....) Instead, for my knitting challenge I am teaching myself to knit continental style, and hopefully be able to start 2-handed knitting. Let me assure you that it brings me back to being 14 and the frustration of learning in the first place.

*I visited a (somewhat) new knitting shop in Portland, called the Naked Sheep. The miracle here is not that I was able to walk away without buying anything (but I was sorely tempted by some Lorna's Laces sock yarn), but rather that my boyfriend actually accompanied me to the store. In fact, he was the one who noticed the store, told me about it, drove me there, then waited patiently in an armchair while I browsed. (side note: I would like to thank the management of the Naked Sheep for having the forsight to place comfortable man-size chairs in your store) He never even complained. I was almost speechless when we left. I tried explaining to him that the fact that he just did that made him about 50x more attractive to me, I think he thought I was a couple skeins short of a sweater. Is it possible that I could love him just for his yarn scouting?