Friday, May 27, 2005

the social implications of knitting

Knitting, for better worse, always seems to become a social thing for me. I am one of those knitters that carries her project with her wherever she goes. This inevitably leads to some type of social intercourse, whether its a fellow knitter or a complete non-knitter. There are some types of people, and comments, that I don't mind, and still others that drive me up the wall. I'm sure almost every knitter has encountered any number of these:

The Bad:

-Isn't knitting for old ladies?
-Oh my god, I can't believe you actually knit!
-I'm knitting this scarf with this amazing new stuff called Fun Fur! I am so unique and amazing, as are my knitting ideas........ (and on and on and on)
-Will you teach me how to knit? (while riding on the light rail to work at 8 am)
-What exactly is it that you are making? (asked incredulously)
-sometimes, it is what is not said, my personal favorite is the ol' bug eyed stare

The Good:

-Thats really nice looking!
-I like your choice of colors/yarn
-Your knitting has great tension!
-I think I'll take a knitting class. It looks like a great way to (insert verb here)

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