Monday, August 15, 2005

Sock it to me.....

Yep, I made the lamest joke possible in naming this post. And I love it. The point here is, I am taking a sock class at Lint. I was ssooooo stoked to start this thing I almost jumped the gun and started. I managed to wait, and man am I glad I did. The duration of the class was two hours, two hours in which I got about 5 knobbly little rows completed. I was incredibly nervous the entire time..... don't ask me why. My hands were shaking in the fear of really and truly screwing it up big time. Later that evening, nerves back in hand (well, beer in hand actually) I was able to make some progress. I finished 3/4 of an inch of ribbing (which was about all I thought I could handle if I was going to continue with the damn sock) and then started in on the leg. The bad news is, I bought this wonderful cotton/lycra blend that is hand painted in exquisite colors. One might wonder, why this is bad news. As I'm knitting it up, the colors are all blending to form what looks like a very poor tie-dye job. *sigh* Oh well, I'm just so stoked to be a knitting a sock.

In a completely unrelated incident, last night I went on a yarn spree and bought this book, 7 skeins of GGH's Scarlett to make the twin set in aforementioned book, 2 skeins of a self-patterning sock yarn and a new set of Crystal Palace double points. Thus far, I have yet to do anything but rub and smell my new yarn...... but just you wait Henry Higgens.

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