Friday, May 12, 2006

Yarn Daze

I'm still a little dazed and confused after this weekend. I'm pretty sure I spent about 12 hours on a plane, I know there were 2 dogs and a cat and a whole bunch of women staying in a very small apartment. I have pictures to prove that while I was on the far coast I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, but I have few memories of it. I do know that I had a yarn accident, that, perpetuated by the generosity of my aunt and grandma, resulted in the purchase of 6 skeins of angora/merino in some lovely spring colors. Its really almost too good to be true.

This booth made me wanna get naked and run through those large, wonderful skeins.

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Here's the crew, enjoying a shopping break in the shade. In order, that would be my mum, my grandma and my aunt.

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And finally here we are meeting up with my aunts friends Gweny and Marilyn, two of the most interesting ladies I have met in a long time. In my typical fashion, I am instructing the not-so-bright lady how to use the camera, and therefore making a wondeful face.

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As I have not yet fully come to accept the amount of money spent (nor have I quite accounted for it all), no pictures of the purchases are being posted. As soon as I have come to grips with reality, I'll throw some pictures up here.

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Ariannah Armstrong said...

Looks like it was quite a lovely shopping day!

Ariannah in Nova Scotia