Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rebel Knitter phone home....

Yipes! I just took a look at my own blog today and realized just how friggin' long it had been since I last posted. Usually lapses in blogging coincide with lapses in knitting, but I have been slowing but surely churning out knitted objects, mostly of no real beauty but tremendous use. Alas, they aren't very exciting articles to blog about. I have been making ribbed tubes, about 4 inches long to slip over beer cans while we are playing bike polo. Oh, I kid not.

So what else might explain this serious lapse of bloggery? Is it possible that after Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I entered into a wool induced coma from which I am just now starting to wake? I think this might be possible. Not to mention that I started a new job riding my bike all day, every day so that when I get home in the evenings its about all I can do to drink a beer, feed the dog and get myself wrapped in pj's before I teeter into bed. I also endured the grueling experience of packing and moving into a new house. The house is great, I share it with 3 other bike riding, vegan ladies. None of them knits, but a few have expressed a general desire for some knitted objects, which I have offered to knit out the kindness of my heart if they buy the wool (do you see the evil plan here? I am conning innocents into buying me wool! I'm trying to suppress an evil giggle). The only bad news about this current arrangement is that half of my life got packed up during the move and put in storage. This managed to include about 2/3 of my needles and the charger to my camera battery. Damn..... I'm working on locating both, and working on getting some pictures up here, including the wonder wool that I bought at MSWF. I think enough time has passed that I can embrace the wonder wool (and possibly start knitting it).

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The Guru said...

Finally!! I've slathered over this blog for some many months awaiting a word and feared you'd dumped your knittin'

Meanwhile I've finished a bunch of projects and switched my loyalties to mon amis The Scarlett Knitter

Are you a BFK? I am administering the test

da 'ru