Sunday, December 02, 2007

working class

I've been on, errrm, lets call it a 'work hiatus' since last February. Its been really nice, as I travelled all summer and got to spend some time doing just about nothing. I've either worked or gone to school or both consistently for the past 6 years, so having the opportunity to not do either was a real relief. But summer passed and winter started and my opportunities for travel dwindled and my money ran out, which meant it was back to work with me. I couldn't believe it when I was searching for a job, but I found myself really wanting to work. Its been such a long time that I was almost kinda craving the responsibility and schedule. I really didn't want to just accept any old job but I was afraid that on such short notice I would end up taking some terrible holiday retail job selling clothes in the mall for some corporate owned chain store. Hell on earth. I started checking craigslist and querying 'yarn' and then one day, like a beam of light I saw "Retail Yarn Store". Oh joy! I have retail experience! I love yarn! I love knitting! So naturally I sent over an e-mail, had an interview, did a trial shift and bam! the owner of the shop Linda hired me to work part time at one of my favorite Portland shops, the Yarn Garden. The Yarn Garden has been around for almost 9 years and is a well established and respected Portland shop. (Not one of these new, snooty, better-than-thou even though we've only been open for a couple months shops like one might find on Alberta Street...ahem) During my trial shift I essentially walked around for 3 hours touching yarn. Mohair, romney, cotton, bamboo, silk, sock yarn, bulky yarn, novelty yarn, lace weight, worsted weight, fingering weight. Imagine the possibilities. The Yarn Garden has three rooms of yarn, one room of needles and books and a cafe, at which I can keep supplied on a consistent stream of coffee. Yarn, coffee, knitting. Need I say more?

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