Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Books, cloches and a really bad cold

Last night I went to open knit night at Lint. Normally, I like to start off my night by perusing through their enourmous book section. Last nights selection was Loop-d-Loop, by Teva Durham. Let me tell you, what a friggin' awesome book! While I'm not crazy about every pattern in the book, some of them really push the boudaries of conventional knitting. The pattern that stands out in my mind is a fair isle that seems to move in uneven waves. By all means, go check this book out.

Afterwards, I worked on the cloche for a bit. I finally got my 4 inches and can now start on the reductions. I had one slight mishap, when I was dividing up the stitches into 6 equal groups of 25. One of my groups only had 24! No biggie, I just picked up a stitch. I'm hoping it won't show in the long run. The weird part is, I can't find where I dropped a stitch to begin with.

And on to the cold. Its one of those evil colds that is not so bad that I have to stay home from work, but is just bad enough that I feel like shit all day long. The weather today is grey and rainy, and honestly I wish I could just chug some Dayquil, put on some sweat pants and work on my knitting.

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