Monday, July 18, 2005


Thats me counting to 10. It took me a little bit of calming down before I felt I was ready for posting again after the last entry. I was, however, inspired to create a new blog focusing mostly on political topics. As it turns out, I, like 90% of the world, can't shut up about it. I'll link to it when I get it ready.

In the meantime, back to knitting. I was looking at my reductions the other day and realized that during my SSK's, I was twisting one of the stitches, causing a rather noticable and unsightly reduction. I have done that for about 4 rows now, and I have cast away the project in hopes that I will have a revelation about whether to rip it back (and almost impossible task considering the project) or just felt it lightly at the end to try to mask the mistakes. In the meantime, I am refusing to touch the evil thing.

On a lighter note..... I am definitely going to enter this contest. How can I refuse a challenge like this? I am keeping my master plan a secret for now, but when I take and submit the picture, I will post it here as well. I encourage, no rather, challenge all of you to be creative and come up with something awesome.

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