Friday, August 05, 2005


I met Harlot! As you may well be aware, I am an avid Yarn Harlot reader. I really love the Yarn Harlot. Anyways, about a month ago, my knitting guru bought me her book, which I have loved since the moment I got teary eyed reading the introduction. Anyways, last Wednesday she came to Portland to promote the book. As it turns out, I was not dissapointed. She is just as, if not more, witty in person as in her blog. With my crap-tabulous camera phone, I got a picture of the two us on either side of this bitchin' skull picture. Please, for a moment, overlook the fact that we seem to be entirely made out of little squares and that our faces look like they were blurred to protect our identities. I swear, absolutely swear, that its us.

Image hosted by

PS..... if you go to her website and look at her pictures from Portland, you can see me sitting in the crowd. In the second picture down, look for a lady holding a large red blob (which is actually an exquisite shawl) and then look to the right of that. There I am!

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