Thursday, July 07, 2005

what have we done....

...and what are we doing? Knitting blog my foot, I feel the need to publicly condemn our actions in the Middle East here and now. My heart is in London right now, and I wish my fist was in GW's face. And while I'm kicking asses, I would like to take out any of the extremists who feel that it is their duty to destroy and ruin innocent human life. In the meantime, here is my letter to dearest GW:

Dear George W,

You sicken me. You stand for everything that I abhore. With your foreign and domestic policy, the US will crumble like the Roman Empire, and I hope you are alive to watch it go. Only in your sick mind was it necessary to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and whatever other oil-rich country you decide to 'liberate'. Somehow you have been able to blind and trick the uneducated American public, maybe it is that jackass grin that you hide behind. Under the guise of freedom you are executing the rights of the American people and making the US not only the laughing stock of the world, but also the enemy of it. Do you find it at all ironic that despite the London bombings, there has been no anti-Islamic movement in the UK, either from the people or from the government? They don't feel the need to prove their hubris, which is exactly what will bring your downfall. I know that you like to play the 'good ol' boy' card, so I will put this into terms that you can understand. You are like a man with a small dick and big truck. You have to make up for your inadequacy somehow, only you are playing with countries and human life. Empire to Ashes, George.

Sincerely, McKenzie

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