Wednesday, July 06, 2005

ma velo

I bought a bike! Yes I did! And whats more, I rode it! Last night I rode my bike to open knit night. Since its only about a half mile away from my house, I've had a hard time justifying driving my gas guzzler there. The downside was that it was so friggin' hot, and the inside of Lint was so stuffy that I only stayed for about 45 minutes. Well, that wasn't the only reason, or the real reason. The real reason was that a visiting knitter, who had at one time lived in Portland, was there visiting. Under normal circumstances, this would be exciting news. I love meeting new knitters! But this knitter, who I shall refer to as Nelly Know-It-All, was an entirely different case. She knew, and I do not exaggerate, everything. Or at least she thought she did, which seemed to be good enough for her. Name a topic, she knew more than you. Talk about knitting, she was better at it. She had travelled more places, knew more languages and had tried more than you. Emphasis is here place on the phrase "thought she did". The more she opened her mouth, the more it was obvious that she was full of shit. Nelly Know-It-All actually managed to break up a group of people that normally stay for 3 hours and force them to go home only 45 minutes into the night. I only got through one glass of wine! The good news is, I got to go for a nice long bike ride due to Nelly. The bad news is, I didn't get any knitting done.

Enough of Nelly Know-It-All, I could bitch for hours. Back to my bike, its a Trek 1220 road bike. Its awesome. So am I. Did I mention that I'm humble? This is the bike, only mine is a veeeeerrrrryy dark purple, almost black.

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